Unplanned downtime from a natural or technical disaster can cost a business thousands of dollars.

The best way to prepare is to implement a robust BACKUP & DISASTER RECOVERY SOLUTION.

Let FlexManage help you create a comprehensive cloud backup and disaster recovery plan and show you how Microsoft Azure is key to keeping your business up and running after a small or large disaster.


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What are data disasters?

When you think about a disaster that can knock out IT infrastructure, you might imagine hurricanes, fires, or other natural disasters. But there are many small day-to-day disasters - such as power failures or sprinkler accidents - that can take down your IT infrastructure.

Can the cloud reduce downtime?

The cloud can help most companies say goodbye to the costly, inefficient days of supporting a redundant hot site for disaster recovery. With the cloud, there's no longer a need to store data and application backups on disks or tape and then have to sync and restore them during an outage.

Why should you use Microsoft Azure?

Cloud backup and recovery options, such as those running on Microsoft Azure's cloud computing platform, can help bridge the gap between your budget and your needs. Azure Backup is the Azure-based service you can use to back up (or protect) and restore your data in the Microsoft cloud.

Contact FlexManage to make a plan.

Building a comprehensive and effective Disaster Recovery plan can require specialized skills in in-depth knowledge. FlexManage can help you create a fail-safe plan that is individualized for your company's unique needs.

 Watch this video to learn about our Microsoft Azure Fast Start Workshop on Disaster Recovery as a Service.