Free 30-Minute Initial Consulting and Discovery Session

Schedule a 30 minute one-on-one exploratory session with an expert.  Let us help you unpack your vision for your business and provide you with some ideas and actionable strategies to support your goals.

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What you get

Free consultation that will help you take your first steps in Cloud services. Session includes Q&A about Microsoft Cloud solutions and possible business scenarios to deploy and move to the cloud.



Learn about Cloud solutions

Microsoft Cloud is a powerful portfolio of services that helps you unleash your best ideas, get things done and stay connected on the go. We are ready to help you understand the functionality of each service, define goals and plan migration and deployment. This session focuses on Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.


Get Your Questions Answered

Our objective is to answer your Office 365 and Microsoft Azure questions and connect you with our engineers and our team of managers.

The session is held on site or remotely at a time convenient for all. Duration — 30 minutes. The session will be most effective if you prepare in advance a list of the issues and challenges your company is currently facing.



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